Telehealth at KBFPC

September 1, 2021


Telemedicine visits or “telehealth” is a convenient, confidential option that gives you more access to KBFPC providers – on your schedule. If you can’t make it in to the clinic, just need a quick visit, or prefer the convenience of speaking to your provider privately from home, many of our services are available in part or fully via telehealth – without having to be seen in person!

Call 907-235-3436 or text 907-435-7505 to schedule your appointment.

How does telehealth at KBFPC work?

After scheduling your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the clinic’s secure telemedicine video conference platform. You will be able to join from any device with a video camera and connection to the internet, like your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. Before your appointment time, make sure you have a quiet, private space to connect to the call where you can speak freely without being overheard. Some people prefer to have their headphones connected in advance.

Shortly before the time of your appointment, you’ll receive another email with the link. Click it to connect to your virtual appointment, and start filling out the questionnaire about your medical history and the reason for your visit. A KBFPC staff member may call you to assist with any questions as you’re getting ready. After entering your information, click “Start Televisit” and your provider will join you on telehealth video call.

After your telehealth appointment, depending on what you and your provider discuss, you may need to schedule another time to come to the clinic or another facility for lab work or other services that can only be completed in person.

Please contact the clinic at any time if you have questions or would like to learn more!