Telehealth at KBFPC

April 27, 2020


We hope you are staying safe, healthy, and connected in these uncertain and challenging times. We at KBFPC are finding that we miss our clients and community dearly, and we’re working diligently to develop a Telehealth program that would allow us to connect with you for a healthcare visit via telephone or video.

Above you, you will see an infographic with information about arranging a Telehealth visit. Once we begin scheduling Telehealth visits, you’ll be able to join the visit through an email link we will send you after your appointment has been scheduled with us. Eventually, you will be able to access a Telehealth visit through our Patient Portal or by a mobile app, but for now you won’t need to set up or access the Portal.

In the meantime, we are still here to answer questions and help you access services. If you need to get or change birth control, pick up condoms or get an STI test, please call us at 907-235-3436 to let us know what you need and how to reach you. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a good contact number or text the number to 907-435-7505.

Wishing you health and peace!

~Ali, Client Services Coordinator