October 2023 Newsletter

October 23, 2023

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Every day, I am so appreciative of my KBFPC colleagues, each of whom make sure the reproductive health care and sexual health education we share is medically-accurate, relevant, clear, respectful, engaging, thorough, accessible, and useful. This is both trauma-informed and fundamental to health literacy.

For 20 years healthcare providers, government agencies, social services, and organizations have celebrated Health Literacy Month highlighting how we can “help all people find, understand, and use information and services to make decisions about their own health and others.” (healthliteracymonth.org) For KBFPC, health literacy is fundamental to our care; how we remove financial and geographic barriers to reproductive healthcare, the sexual health education programs we bring to local teens and their families in area schools, the resources and support we share with local educators, the community education events we host, and our neutral, factual, compassionate care which empowers each client to make decisions about their reproductive health. We even convene a group of community members twice a year to review our new educational materials to help ensure they are trauma-informed and meet the needs of our current clients and the many new community members we care for each year.

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  • upcoming community education events
  • free movie night with KBFPC at the Homer Theatre
  • supporter spotlight
  • 2023 Pink Flag sponsors

Do you have questions about your reproductive health? Do you want to get help talking to your teens about their sexual health? Contact us!

Claudia Haines, CEO


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