November 2023 Newsletter

November 20, 2023

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How do you know what a healthy relationship is?

Did you learn by reading a definition somewhere, talking to family and friends about it, consulting Alaska State Law, through a process of elimination, or…? Many of us navigate a variety of influences to come up with the answer; especially when you consider the barrage of media we consume each day that includes relationships of all kinds.

Now imagine you are a teen with less life experience, a still-developing brain, and fewer critical thinking skills.

KBFPC’s REC Education Team can help. This month we are launching a monthly discussion series REC Room Roundtable for teens, beginning with an exploration of media literacy and analyzing how relationships are portrayed. There will be one event for teens currently in 9th-12th grade and another for teens in 6th-8th grade.

This month’s discussions will help teens gain the important skills essential to thinking critically about how relationships are represented in popular media and how it impacts their own definitions of a healthy relationship. These same media literacy skills will then help participants reflect on the qualities of a relationship they represent when creating or sharing content on their personal social media. Discussions like this destigmatize important conversations about teen safety, positive behaviors, interpersonal violence, and sexual health.

Healthy relationships and education are nothing new to KBFPC. We are a trusted source of medically accurate and evidence-based information, and open discourse about healthy relationships is an important piece of KBFPC’s comprehensive sexual health education curriculum and the clinical care we provide.

Keep reading for more about these events and other updates. Thank you for being part of the KBFPC community. Happy holidays from all of us at KBFPC!

Claudia Haines, CEO


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