KBFPC Happenings: Youth Edition

April 13, 2023

breakdown 2023 poster



Teens need us.

They need us to be trusted adults, to be positive role models, to listen, to amplify their voices, and to share our time.

They need us to provide safe spaces to hang out with their peers.

They need us to help them learn about the world around them and themselves, to find their spark, to support their triumphs, and navigate their challenges.

Known as Positive Youth Development (PYD) theory, these ideas or “protective factors” can help them overcome adversity, build healthy relationships and make healthy choices. Teens thrive – are more resilient – when these protective factors exist and our community wellness depends on it.

KBFPC’s REC Room is just one of many local partners supporting positive youth development and creating protective factors for local teens. The REC Room has an amazing schedule of afterschool activities (see calendar below) with trusted adult staff and vetted community mentors. Our multi-generational Peer Education team, usually found in area schools facilitating sexual health education, found time this winter to plan Breakdown, a free, all ages concert perfect for teens this Friday.

Check out the opportunities featured in this special edition to support teens, for their benefit and ours.

See you at Breakdown!

-Claudia Haines, CEO



  • Homer Breakdown 2023 – free, sober, all-ages concert & mental health youth event
  • HB105 – information about the proposed Alaska House bill regarding sex ed and students’ gender
    • Plus: Homer News Point of View about Kenai Peninsula district-approved sexual health education curriculum
  • REC Room activities in April
  • Peninsula Period Network – solving “period poverty” for Kenai Peninsula students
  • KBFPC Board of Directors’ 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale fundraiser!

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