Joseph Piper, APRN/CNM

Clinical Provider


Joseph Piper

Joseph moved to Homer in 2005, and has worked in sexual and reproductive health for over 10 years. Their medical career started at KBFPC in 2007 where they were hired to work as a front desk clinic assistant. During their time at KBFPC they fell in love with helping clients feel a renewed sense of empowerment over their bodies and health. After leaving KBFPC, Joseph became a nurse where they specialized in helping patients give birth, caring for them postpartum, and assisting with lactation and feeding their newborns. While Joseph loved helping babies enter the world and helping new families get off to a good start, they never lost their passion for contraception and clinical sexual and reproductive health. Joseph graduated from the University of New Mexico as a midwife and moved back to Homer in 2022. They are thrilled to be back where their career started, working with the amazing group of providers and staff at KBFPC. They are passionate about reproductive justice, working with survivors of sexual violence and trauma, and making the world a better, safer place for LGBTQIA+ folks and people from other marginalized communities. Joseph’s hobbies include hanging out with their amazing kid, hiking, camping and packrafting, reading science fiction, and playing video/board games.