Irene Saxton

Vice President, serving on the Board since 2015


Irene Saxton

Irene grew up in Homer, and started volunteering at KBFPC in high school. Immediately she felt she had found her people and place in the community. After moving to Seattle, and then Portland, Irene received a degree in Women’s Studies and Research Psychology and was active in politics, sexual health education, sexuality and gender issues along the way. During that time, she learned a lot; through both being in the trenches of grassroots organizing for equality and watching friends struggle with access. After 15 years in the city, it was time to come home.

Since moving back to Homer, Irene has seen the amazing impact that KBFPC has had on the community. Keeping KBFPC a mainstay in this community is something that she is truly passionate about. Being someone that identifies within the LGBTQ community, LGBTQ awareness and resources are incredibly important to Irene and her family. They have seen firsthand how voices can be silenced by invisibility and because of that, lose access and resources. As a member of the KBFPC Board of Directors, Irene is dedicated to fighting for women’s rights, trans rights and youth sexual health education. In the future, she would like to see the KBFPC organization grow in the community as a whole, in terms of sexuality, gender, education, and expand access and knowledge for everyone.

When Irene isn’t yelling at the radio in frustration or running a counseling clinic, she’s usually hanging out with her daughters, reading books, walking on the beach or playing music.