Farewell Clare

January 28, 2022

Clare Wheeler

This month we said farewell to a longstanding member of the KBFPC family: Clare Wheeler has worked at the clinic since 2013, playing a few different roles over the years. As our treasured Clinic Manager, she oversaw the huge effort in 2021 to radically re-engineer the program and expand access to essential sexual & reproductive health services at KBFPC! After hiring and training our phenomenal new clinic team, Clare is saying ‘arrivederci’ to her position at KBFPC and looking toward new adventures. Angie Balsarini is our new Clinic Manager, and has already assumed the role with lots of spirit and good humor.

We are grateful for so many elements of the exceptional care that Clare has provided to KBFPC clients (and staff!) during her tenure, but especially her passion for clear and compassionate communication, kindness and creativity, plant-tending, bold and generous visionary dreaming, and dedication to a chocolate break. She has truly served KBFPC and the community with heart and soul. Thank you Clare!