December 2023 Newsletter

December 11, 2023

donation drive - seeking items for Community Resource Connect



Happy holidays!

2023 has been full of unexpected challenges and successes and at this time of year all of us at KBFPC are taking the important opportunity to reflect on what we want 2024 to be. I am not going to be shy. There was a lot of heavy lifting in the past year. But I work with dedicated, compassionate, and creative people at KBFPC: staff members, volunteers, and supporters alike. Each knows how to dig in with serious grit during the hard times and are quick to joke and laugh when the time is right. I hope you have similar people in your life.

At the end of last year, we asked you to consider a Year End gift to KBFPC and more than 50 donors contributed more than $35,000. These are a handful of the hundreds of supporters that give each year. Have you ever wondered why we don’t include a list of individual donors in our newsletters, website, or social media posts? Family planning, reproductive healthcare, and sexual health education are contentious topics and we want to protect the privacy of our individual supporters. We don’t share your names unless you specifically ask us to, but donors, you are an incredibly important partner in the health and wellness of everyone here on the Kenai Peninsula. Clinics and organizations  like KBFPC across the country are part of a national effort to ensure sexual and reproductive health are accessible for all. Thank you for supporting KBFPC this year.

In gratitude,

Claudia Haines, CEO


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