Cherie Boles, CMA (AAMA)

Care Coordinator


Cherie Boles

Cherie is a love child of Alaskan homesteaders and a recent year-round returnee to Ohm sweet Homer after an 11 year hiatus. Serendipitously she finds herself as part of the sparkly KBFPC family. Reproductive freedom and autonomy has been at the core of her being since the sacred metamorphosis/change over from girl to woman. She is totally convinced that KBFPC is a magical place that supports that basic human right in an inclusive safe zone that provides accessible information and services. 

Cherie is a fairy dust nerd, obsessed with beets & the wilderness, loves to dance as wildly as possible to bassy global music at high volume, and is an avid international broom collector. Cherie’s dual missions in life are to increase the volume of kindness in the world, and paddle board the Mekong River distributing free condoms.