April 2023 Newsletter

April 23, 2023

mammogram graphic



Did you know that KBFPC is celebrating a major anniversary this year? For 40 years, our agency has been supporting reproductive health care and education on the Kenai Peninsula; breaking down the barriers that prevent you or your neighbors from not just surviving but thriving.  For you, that may mean:

  • family planning
  • preventing breast and cervical cancer
  • reducing the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • sexual health education

Our work is not finished. The days ahead are just as important because depending on where you live on the Kenai Peninsula, your income, your age, and a host of other factors, you still may or may not get the care you want and need.

Since our founding as a nonprofit in 1983, supporters like yourself have been part of KBFPC’s contributions to a healthy community. Thank you.

Celebrate our anniversary with us all year long with educational events, new clinical services, and more Pop-Up Clinics; beginning with Myth-busting Menopause, a free event on Tuesday, April 25.

In 2023, access to sexual and reproductive health care is complicated. On one hand there have been significant strides, but at the same time, bodily autonomy is under attack in the courts, misinformation about sexual and reproductive health is rampant, and barriers to healthcare access for certain populations are multiplying.

Some of us find ourselves on the far end of the reproductive lifespan, but our support of access to reproductive health care and education for all is as important as ever. KBFPC cares for each individual, and the impact is far-reaching. We are each part of families, friendships, and communities that are connected and dependent on the health of us all.

-Claudia Haines, CEO



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