Angie Balsarini

Clinic Manager



Angie believes deeply in the power of community and in working together towards gender, racial, and economic justice. As a recent transplant to Homer from Omaha, Nebraska, Angie brings with her a hodge-podge of useful skills; she has been a radical librarian, a skilled culinarian, a dedicated barista, and most recently she did community engagement organizing for a non-profit arthouse theater. Bodily autonomy and reproductive justice are at the center of her own personal feminist values and she is overjoyed to have found a home at KBFPC – helping to create a safe and welcoming space for folks alongside such an incredible team. Some personal interests include reading seven books at a time and rarely finishing one, listening to sad indie lady music accompanied by loud, performative car singing, practicing her novice tarot and astrology skills, giggling at memes, and exploring her new digs with her dog, Frances. She is looking forward to experiencing a long, cozy, Alaskan winter cuddled up with her beloved and watching all the episodes of the new L Word.