Meet the Team

Clinic Providers & Staff

KBFPC’s team of experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to creating a compassionate, respectful environment and providing high-quality care while building wholehearted connections with our clients.

Robin Holmes

Robin Holmes, MD (she/her)

Joseph Piper, APRN/CNM (they/them)

Sonja Martin Young

Sonja Martin Young, APRN/CNM (she/her)

Anthony Markuson, MD (he/his)

Cherie Boles

Cherie Boles, CMA (AAMA) (she/her)

Angie Holland

Angie Holland, RN (she/her)

Hayli Weitz (she/her)

Jane Rohr

Jane Rohr (she/her)

Administrative Staff

Claudia Haines

Claudia Haines (she/her)

Analise H. Goedeke

Analise H. Goedeke (she/her)

Youth Program Staff

The REC Room and Peer Education teams take fun very seriously, and center local teen autonomy, voices, and priorities in all aspects of our programming.

Carolyn Norton

Carolyn Norton (she/they)

Sierra Moskios

Sierra Moskios (she/her)

Tyler Schlieman

Tyler Schlieman (he/they)

Board of Directors

Beth Caroll (she/her)

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Bonita Banks

Irene Saxton

Irene Saxton (she/her)

Kenny Daher

Kenny Daher (he/his)

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Megan Malcolm

Melon Purcell

Melon Purcell (she/her)