Meet the Team

Clinic Providers & Staff

KBFPC’s team of experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to creating a compassionate, respectful environment and providing high-quality care while building wholehearted connections with our clients.

Robin Holmes

Robin Holmes, MD (she/her)

Sonja Martin Young

Sonja Martin Young, APRN/CNM (she/her)

Rachel Fadeley, Nurse Practitioner (she/her)

Anthony Markuson, MD (he/his)

Cherie Boles

Cherie Boles, CMA (AAMA) (she/her)

Angie Holland

Angie Holland, RN (she/her)

Hayli Weitz (she/her)

Jane Rohr

Jane Rohr (she/her)

Administrative & Education Staff

Claudia Haines

Claudia Haines (she/her)

Analise H. Goedeke

Analise H. Goedeke (she/her)

Tyler Schlieman

Tyler Moskios-Schlieman (he/they)

Board of Directors

Beth Carroll (she/her)

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Bonita Banks

Charlie Lahaie

Irene Saxton

Irene Saxton (she/her)

Kendall DellaSperanza

Kenny Daher

Kenny Daher (he/his)

Kris Gintz

Melon Purcell

Melon Purcell (she/her)

Susannah Webster