Youth Services at Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic

The R.E.C Room (a Youth Resource & Enrichment Co-op) offers teens ages 12-18 a safe and welcoming environment to socialize with friends after school and get connected with positive activities and education opportunities for youth. Free ongoing programs include cooking classes, digital music production classes, poetry workshops, computer programming instruction, and workshops on healthy relationships. The R.E.C. Room offers guitars, computers and wi-fi, X-Box Kinect, art supplies, a keyboard, a library, and other games.

A Youth Program manager is always available to help teens sort through problems or help them address urgent crises like homelessness or depression.

“At the R.E.C. Room (youth Resource and Enrichment Co-op), we help teens by providing a supportive and empowering environment that fosters healthy relationships, health education and healthy choices. In addition to offering our own education and activity programs, we serve as a resource hub for youth in our community, helping teens connect with other positive activities, opportunities, and social services resources.”  ~Anna Meredith, Youth Program Manager

Current youth programs:

The R.E.C Room (a Youth Resource & Enrichment Co-Op) offers free programs included instruction on software installation/customization, digital music production, fresh and organic cooking, gardening and slam poetry.

Open Monday – Friday from 3pm – 6pm
3957 Nielsen Circle (off Ben Walters Lane, next door to the Clinic).
907-235-3436 •  •  •

“To me the R.E.C. Room is a place I can go to unwind, find resources, and feel at home. It truly is a place that’s been made into a comfortable space for ALL groups of teens.”
Zoe Story, student
“The R.E.C. Room is a safe place. It has trusted adults, trusted youth, and a comfortable, accepting attitude. Also they have snacks!!!”
Jonas Noomah, student
“The R.E.C. Room has given me and other teens a fun place to relax and hangout, along with informing us of positive opportunities for teens throughout the community.”
Axel Gillam, student