Breast & Cervical Health Check at KBFPC

The Alaska Breast and Cervical Health Check (BCHC) program provides breast and cervical cancer screening to women ages 21 to 64. Women are eligible for BCHC if they meet income age and guidelines. Eligible women who do not have insurance—or whose insurance does not cover BCHC service—qualify for no-cost annual well-woman health checks, clinical breast exams, cervical cancer screening and mammograms. BCHC also covers the cost of diagnostic tests for cervical and breast cancer.  If a woman is screened and diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer through the Alaska Breast and Cervical Health Check program, she may be eligible to have treatment paid for by Medicaid. Please contact KBFPC for more information.

Income Guidelines

To qualify for a free health check, your family’s income can be up to but not over these amounts below.

Size of Family
Monthly Income
Yearly Income
*Add $12,375 to the yearly income for each additional household member


Eligibility Guidelines

  • Women age 21-64 (Women 65 years of age and older may receive these services through their Medicare provider.)
  • Who meet the income guidelines (250% the federal poverty level) that are based on family size and monthly income (adjusted gross) – see above.
  • Who don’t have insurance or whose insurance will not pay for these services:
    • Clinical Breast Exam
    • Pelvic Exam
    • Pap Test
    • Mammograms
  • Women who are enrolled in medicare do not qualify.