Administrative Staff

Catriona Reynolds, Executive Director
I’ve been a staff member at the Clinic since January 2003 and, for the first 13 years I served as the Clinic Manager; in 2016 I was selected to be the Executive Director. This new role brings additional challenges and joys; I prize the opportunity to strengthen this organization and develop sustainability to ensure success into the future.

I am a member of the MAPP of SKP Steering Committee (Mobilizing to Action through Planning and Partnerships of the Southern Kenai Peninsula). I was a member of the State of Alaska MediCaid Advisory Committee (MCAC) 2008-2017 and participated in meetings all around our state. In my role on the Alaska HIV Prevention Materials Review Panel I have the occasional opportunity to provide input and feedback about educational tools and media messages for HIV prevention activities.

Before KBFPC, I was lucky enough to work at several other Homer area non-profits, including the Pratt Museum and Kachemak Heritage Land Trust. I am a founding member of Homer Cycling Club, advocating for cyclists is almost as important to me as advocating for reproductive and sexual health rights. I am the parent of two children, and enjoy playing and learning with them. As a parent I greatly appreciate the many ways KBFPC supports the youth of our community. In 2014 I was elected to Homer City Council, a service I’m happy to do to strengthen health and well being in our community. 
When I’m not at work, you’ll see me out and about on my bicycle.

Lydia Lohse, Bookkeeper and Executive Assistant
I was born and raised on Kodiak Island, married after graduation and moved to the next US Coast Guard station. My accounting career has been quite diverse as I worked for large & small businesses and corporations, community/government and Native agencies both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, throughout the United States, before returning to Kodiak in 1989.

Leaving once again in 2001 I relocated to Homer to attend college, after that I worked for the City of Homer in various positions in the Accounting Department and the City Clerk’s office from 2003 –2009, the South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services and the Center for Coastal Studies before joining the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic team in June of 2013.

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic has continued to grow and diversify, so have the accounting requirements.  I have enjoyed working with the Executive Director over the past few years, to create the new accounting department, establishing new procedures and consolidate all the financial information into one location. It is an exciting time to be working for KBFPC, being part of a great team as we continue to grow and add more services for the men, women and youth on the peninsula.

Clinic Staff

Dr. Katie Ostrom, MD-Medical Director
I have had the pleasure of serving as Medical Director at KBFPC since October 2014 and since I moved to Homer in 2016 I also enjoy being part of the clinic staff.


After my residency in New Mexico, I worked for 10 years in Anchorage at Alaska Native Medical Center then in private practice. I serve on a number of state boards and committees related to the health of women and children in Alaska. My main office is now at Homer Medical Clinic where I provide obstetric and gynecologic care for the women in Homer and along the peninsula.

Living in Homer is a dream come true for me-a beautiful place to raise my two children, tend a garden and ride bikes on the beach. Although cycling is my first love, I do enjoy challenging myself with endurance events in running, swimming and biking!

Julie McCarron, ANP(CNM)-Practitioner
As a certified Nurse-Midwife/Advanced Nurse Practitioner I care for women across the lifespan and young children in my jobs at KBFPC and Homer Medical Clinic.  I have been here at KBFPC since fall of 2004.  I can’t think of a better place to work and grow as a practitioner and for women to come for women’s health care. It is such a positive place to work and I hope we make it a positive place for women to get their care too. I enjoy helping women make good health decisions to achieve their best state of health in all aspects of their lives.

I am also the parent of 5 children ranging in age from 18 to 6. In addition to spending time with my husband and kids I enjoy hiking and camping, watching my kids sports games, reading and walking and skiing.

Clare Wheeler, Clinic Manager
I joined Team KBFPC in 2013, and have been lucky enough to spend my workdays ever since with such a fantastic group of people. Homer has been home since I relocated from Portland, where I was born and where a little piece of my heart still lives. I get to share my life with my sweetie Marc, a wildlife biologist, and Owen and Tito, freeloading (though adorable!) felines. I love to hike, camp, kayak and bike, but I’ve also been known to enjoy non-adventurous pastimes such as cooking, reading The New Yorker, and being mediocre but enthusiastic at trivia.
A few of the countless things I love about being at KBFPC: the excellent, compassionate care we provide to our clients; working together with individuals to care for their health and achieve their reproductive goals; the selection of tea, condoms, and highly-effective contraceptives; the view from my office window; and writing almost exclusively in purple ink.

Selina Mach, Clinic Assistant
After growing up in Homer and living in Washington for three years, I was welcomed to the KBFPC crew as a clinic assistant in the fall of 2014. With an educational background in women’s and gender studies, it has been exciting to see how my passion for social justice has unfolded through my work at the clinic. One of my favorite aspects of this position is the opportunity that it provides for ongoing education—from contraceptive counseling to HIV testing, there is always something new to learn. In addition to regular clinic assistant tasks, I also put together the recently revamped KBFPC newsletter. This has been an awesome way for me to share organizational updates with our community and also reconnect with my love of writing. Aside from reproductive healthcare and education, some of my favorite things include new notebooks, pens, the ocean, curry, and things made from leather.

Rose Wohlgemuth, Clinic Assistant
I was raised in Homer and was a member of KBFPC’s R.A.R.E-T, a youth-led AIDS awareness program, while attending Homer High. After about 8 years of living in California and Colorado, I decided to return to Alaska to be closer to family. I was very excited to rejoin the KBFPC team and have been a clinic assistant since 2014. I also have the pleasure of participating in classroom teaching with the Homer Peer Education team and occasionally work with the Outreach program. In my spare time, I enjoy walks with my dog, sunshine, and cooking.

Emily Munns, Clinic Assistant
After spending nearly 12 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, I returned to Homer in the fall of 2016, and was thrilled to join KBFPC at that time. In California, I earned a degree in Latin American Studies, and enjoyed volunteering with the Housing Rights Committee, an organization that provides free counseling for tenants in San Francisco who are experiencing illegal evictions or landlord harassment. I love to read and play music, and here in Homer, I’m looking forward to honing my gardening skills (which are weak at this point), and be out on the water as much as possible. Working at the clinic is a dream for me, and it’s been a pleasure to return to Homer and be part of an organization with a staff and a mission that I so value.

Outreach Staff

Kathy Morton, Outreach Advocate
Even though Alaska has been my home for most of my life, I was born into a family with deep roots in New England, where I grew up surrounded by beautiful architecture and spent summers at the beach. Later I studied art and natural history and caught the travel bug.

Living here fulfills my love of the sea, clean air and the majesty of Nature. I’m part of a town that cares, a place full of character and characters. As a young mother raising two children here, I came to rely on KBFPC for my annual well woman visit, and later became a volunteer.

I’m so fortunate to be able to work with the caring and dedicated staff and board at KBFPC. We are encouraged to learn and grow and work with our community.

It’s tough having more interests than I have time for, but somehow there’s always time for dog walking, reading, inventive cooking and hat making. One of my passions is volunteering with Hospice of Homer, where I find great satisfaction helping others. I’m also a longtime supporter of the Homer Farmer’s Market, another thriving and ever evolving community resource.

Rebecca Bartee, Outreach Advocate 
I was born and raised in Anchorage and regardless of the places I have been Alaska will always hold my heart! My family raised me to help others when possible, love the land and all that it offers, and never stop learning.

After high school I took time off to explore and travel the world. When I was done I moved to Homer where I spent a year and a half slinging fish on the docks and taking in all the beauty that is Homer. It was then when I first became a client of KBFPC. I immediately fell in love with the clinic. The women were so caring and helpful, I was and still am to this day, so thankful that Homer has such a wonderful clinic available to its public.

I spent a decade on my college journey, I studied in Hawaii, New Zealand and Juneau, where I graduated from the University of Southeast Alaska with a BA in Art. I moved back to Homer the Summer of 2013 to help run the family homestead. We raise livestock and bees, maintain a 70ft high tunnel  and strive to live as sustainably as possible. In 2016 I was given the opportunity to join the KBFPC outreach team and jumped at the chance. I’m grateful to be a part of such a strong and committed group of people.

Youth Education/R.E.C. Room Staff

Anna Meredith, Youth Health Education and Programs Manager
Returning to Alaska after a splendid dairy farm childhood in New York State, I settled into the community of Homer working and learning in various fields from fishing, carpentry, land stewardship, behavioral health, and now I pleasantly find myself working with teenagers once again as the Youth Program Manager at KBFPC.

My job is to ensure KBFPC’s ever-providing style through serving the needs of Homer’s most valuable assets, our youth.  My work day glides between R.E.C. Room programming/hosting and the Promoting Health Among Teens sexual education/healthy relationship program where we work out in the community educating youth.  I’m proud to represent KBFPC working side-by-side with youth Peer Educators via the PHAT program.  Youth fulfill the sense of capability, growth, and right to be responsible which this program hopes to make available to young people in our community and surrounding areas.

In the rest of my life, I’m spending much time out and about with my family and two pups that rally through the country side.  We seek good times from barrels to peaks!  We’re currently building a house and are appreciative to have a constant connection with this community.

Connor Schmidt, Peer Education Coordinator
As a newbie to Alaska, I have found myself a great community of people at the R.E.C. Room. I began my position as Peer Coordinator in August 2017; my primary mission is working with the peer educators to teach Homer teens about healthy relationships, the adolescent brain, and safe sexuality. Collaborating with dedicated youth is one of the best ways to develop a community, and I am already thoroughly impressed by the creativity, enthusiasm, and brilliance that teens bring to the table. I am extremely excited and honored to be working with such wonderful people at KBFPC while fulfilling my dream to educate youth in life changing ways.

I am originally from Colorado and found my way to Alaska in July 2016. Before moving here, I supported Hispanic families across the greater Denver area. I came to Homer for the first time just a month into my Alaskan adventure, getting my start at K Bay Caffé. Not long after, I found myself employed at Haven House organizing the Green Dot Homer campaign and Homeless Assistance Program, which I still do concurrently with my position at the R.E.C. Room.

Outside of work, I often find myself reading, video gaming, playing volleyball, watching hockey, biking, hiking, hosting trivia, and listening to podcasts. Languages are another passion of mine, I am conversational in both Mandarin and Spanish, and a beginner in French.

Kyla Dammann, R.E.C. Room Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator
Raised in the town of Ashland, Oregon, I grew up running barefoot around the Oregon wilderness. The tight knit community I was brought up in taught me to value empathy, compassion, and Non-violent Communication, tools I take with me wherever I go. I fell in love with Alaska the second I stepped of the plane. As a fresh transplant to Homer, I can’t wait to get to know this beautiful place and the people in this community.

After high school I moved to Portland to study African Studies and London to get my MSc in Violence, Conflict, and Development, always staying deeply connected to the people and places I love in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve worked as a challenge course facilitator and after school teacher in Portland, providing safe spaces for young people to talk about their struggles and joys.

My passion has always been in working to create a better world by making sure young people grow up with empathetic, compassionate role models. I am excited to dive into work in the R.E.C. Room and with KBFPC, getting people excited about what KBFPC has to offer and being the best resource I can be for the people who come through.

In my free time, I like to get creative and keep myself healthy through cooking and movement. I love healthy food, rock climbing, dancing, cycling, hiking, yoga, and mindfulness. I love getting out of my comfort zone and am honored to jump into my new life in Alaska.

Chloë Pleznac, Lead Peer Educator
Chloë was born and raised in Homer, where she is currently attending Homer High School as a senior. She has been working at the R.E.C. Room since April of 2016, where she enjoys the opportunity to teach her peers and travel across the state meeting other interesting and passionate youth. In love with the idea of learning, as well as helping others, she plans on pursuing a doctorate in psychiatry after high school. In her spare time Chloë writes poetry, reads psychology textbooks, and listens to obscure indie bands.



Lia Jacobsen, Peer Educator
Lia was raised in Homer and is currently attending Homer High School as a Junior. Lia is planning on pursuing a life with animals and having many dogs. In her free time she likes to swim, help others, and listen to a variety of music while following her goal in life of being happy.

Parker Gibson, Peer Educator
Parker was born and raised in California for the first 10 years of his life, until he moved up to Alaska in 2012. He is currently attending Homer High School as a sophomore, where he is attempting to graduate early and earn a doctorate in astrophysics. He first visited the R.E.C. Room in February of 2017.

Ethan Smith, Peer Educator
Ethan was born and raised in North Eastern Ohio, and moved to Homer when he was 14. He attends Homer Highschool as a junior, and hopes to enlist in the Marine Corps. He enjoys fishing in the Inlet, and spending time with his friends. He has been working at the Rec Room since the fall of 2017.