The Annual Meeting of Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic will be at 6pm on Tuesday 20th June.

Items on the brief agenda include voting for new board members. To simplify voting and reduce expenses voting will be in person at the meeting; this change allows better allocation to staff time and limited revenue directly to provision of quality reproductive health services.

There are three seats and three candidates, their biographies and statement of interest in KBFPC are included below.

Zoë Story
I grew up in Homer, Alaska as a very involved kid just like most Homer kids. I participated in Girl Scouts, theater camps, synchronized swimming and other sports. All of this lead to a love for my community and interest in working with other youth.

When I was 16 years old and sophomore in high school I received my first job, I landed a position at Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic as a Peer Health Educator with the R.E.C. Room. I gained so much experience from this position over the rest of my high school career. It really snapped me into the person I was becoming.

After I graduated and moved on from KBFPC I traveled to Cambodia where I taught English at an orphanage. My previous teaching experience with KBFPC helped me get a wonderful position with an orphanage that I could really help make a difference. They write pretty great English and we still keep in touch today! I continued to do more traveling after my Cambodian adventure.

I moved to Seattle, Washington to complete clinical and sports massage therapy training and am now a practicing therapist back in Homer . I absolutely love being able to help people in such a positive way. I recently traveled to India where I completed my 200 hr teacher training for Yoga and also teach here in town. I’ve fallen in love with alternative healing and body work but I am still VERY passionate about women’s reproductive rights and comprehensive evidence based education for everyone. SO it is a huge honor for me to sit on the board of KBFPC and still get to be involved in our community in this way.

Robbi Mixon
Originally from Georgia, Robbi spent several years in San Francisco as an event organizer and operations manager before moving to Alaska in 2010 to work as an intern on a small farm. She eventually found herself taking on the role of Homer Farmers Market Manager and Coordinator for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. Robbi is also the Local Foods Coordinator for Cook Inletkeeper, organizing efforts to create greater food security by connecting more people to healthy, local foods. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Georgia.

Amy Woodruff
I grew up in Seattle and studied Public Policy at the University of Chicago. After graduation I moved to Homer to live with family and experience life in Alaska. I loved Homer from the first moment and knew I wanted to put down roots here. I worked at the Farmer’s Market and as a substitute teacher, and volunteered with Kachemak Emergency Services and the R.E.C. Room. I left in 2014 to serve in the Peace Corps in Ecuador, where I worked with a local library and community members in my village to expand educational and recreational opportunities for young people. Since I returned to Homer in 2016 I have worked at Haven House as an advocate, forensic interviewer, and a violence prevention specialist.

In Homer, Seattle, Chicago, and abroad, I have seen the difference that high-quality reproductive health care can make in the lives of people of all ages. I am proud to support KBFPC and the services they provide to the community. The R.E.C. Room and PHAT have a special place in my heart because I know healthy relationships require more than just amazing clinic staff– Teaching communication skills, knowledge, and the courage to advocate for yourself are all part of the package at KBFPC.

If you have questions or comments please contact Catriona Reynolds, Executive Director at 907-235-3436.