Title X is the only federal grant program that provides contraceptive services, STD testing and treatment, and other preventive reproductive health services to low-income patients across the country. By making safe and effective birth control available to all, the program prevents an estimated 1.1 million unintended pregnancies, 500,000 unplanned births and nearly 400,000 abortions each year. Per Federal law, the Title X program does not fund abortion services.

The grant is the key reason we at KBFPC are able to serve everyone who comes through our doors, regardless of ability to pay.

Every dollar the federal government invests in family planning saves taxpayers $7.09 in public expenditures. Yet now Title X is under attack in Congress. Help us take action and tell Congress not to cut this crucial program that nearly 4.6 million men and women nationwide — 70% of whom have incomes at or below the poverty level — rely on for affordable reproductive and preventive health care.

Please help us tell Congress not to cut this crucial program. To take action, follow the link below to send an email to your representatives. You may also call or write your own message, noting the data above or explaining what access to low-cost reproductive health services means to you or our community.


To find contact info, look at http://action.nationalfamilyplanning.org/congress/

Please share this information with friends and family nationwide.

To learn more:




NFPRHA, http://www.nationalfamilyplanning.org/title_x

Thank you for your time and support.